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3 Things to Consider When Selecting Roof Color

Most homeowners replace their roofs at least once every 20 years. The changing seasons and harsh temperature changes in Indiana can leave your asphalt, metal, or other roofing materials looking worn and tired. So, you’ve decided to put on a new roof. Before you make a final decision, take note of the top three things to consider when selecting a roof color.

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What Are the Most Important Factors in Choosing a Roof Color?

There are many factors that may play a part in your decision. Three of the most important include matching the architectural style of your home, the colors of existing permanent features, and how light and dark colors will impact your energy costs. 

  • Architectural Style: Most architectural styles match numerous color combinations. Others lend themselves to certain palettes. For example, brick houses have red to brown exteriors, so you may choose earthy colors for the roof too. On the other hand, Mediterranean or Spanish style homes can look beautiful with striking red roofs.
  • Light vs. Dark Colors: The color of your roof affects its energy efficiency. Dark roofs absorb heat, which is great during the colder months, but not during summer. On the other hand, lighter roofs reflect sunlight, making your AC run more efficiently, but that won’t matter as much in the winter. Choose the color that will help you keep your home comfortable and save the most money.
  • Neighborhood Colors. You want your roof and home exterior to reflect your taste, but it’s probably not ideal if your roof clashes too much with the home next door. Note the color and style of roofs on other homes in your area. You will probably note some similarities and hues that really stand out to you. While it’s not essential to ‘match’ the look of your neighborhood, it might help to avoid an absolute mismatch!   

We can help you select the roofing materials and size as well as the color. Don’t miss our informative blog post on how to choose between brick or siding.

Test Your Samples at Different Times of the Day

After some planning, you can narrow down your material and color choices and ask for color swatches or shingle samples. View the samples at different times of the day so that you truly know what to expect. This will help you make a fully informed choice.

It’s a good idea to prop the swatches against your siding or windowsill as well. This will give you a really good idea whether you’ve chosen a good or a bad color match. What time should you conduct the test? We recommend noon, sunset, and sunrise, each of which comes with different natural lighting. 

At Ace Construction & Remodeling, Inc., we provide free online quotes for roofing materials. Feel free to call us at 765-644-6030 or 765-282-6030 for advice on choosing a roof color and style.