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6 Red Flags To Avoid When Choosing Local Roofing Companies

Of all decisions a homeowner must make, selecting a local roofing contractor is definitely an important one. But as big a decision as this is, you needn’t fret. When choosing among local roofing companies, there are certain warning signs to watch out for. You’ll want to avoid shaking hands on a partnership that may not be a good fit. By learning how to spot these red flags, you’ll not only hone your options to the most qualified companies, but you’ll also be prepared to choose the best fit for you.

6 Red Flags in Local Roofing Contractors You Should Avoid:

While we recommend hiring a roofing contractor for most repairs, catching issues while they’re minimal could spare you the need, and save you money. For the DIYers, here are some fundamental roof leak repair tips to help you nip a leaky roof in the bud. 

1. They’re a new company. All companies need to start somewhere – but when delegating the maintenance of your roof, it’s best to table those lacking longevity and experience. More established local roofing companies are more likely to have earned qualifications and licensures (more on that later), established trust with their clients, and as a result, racked up glowing reviews and referrals. Speaking of which…

2. They lack local referrals. Think of how much weight a recommendation carries, especially from a friend or neighbor. Referrals are both informative and reassuring. Both knowing a former client and trusting their honest feedback makes quite a difference. While this makes no guarantees for your own experience, it does give the homeowner further peace of mind when choosing their local roofing contractors.

3. They’re not fully licensed…or insured. This is a red flag that, if something were to go wrong during a roofing project, could come back to haunt you in the worst way. So in a way, you could consider this to be the most important issue to check into. Most states require local roofing contractors to be licensed to work in that state, but it depends on where you live. You should feel perfectly comfortable asking roofing contractors whether they’re insured, at minimum, for workman’s compensation and general liability. 

Finally, caulks and sealants do come in different colors. Depending on how visible your roof leak repair will be, look for colors that closely match that of your roof’s.

4. They don’t rank high in the Better Business Bureau…or aren’t ranked at all. This could be due to either not having been in business long enough (see #1) to earn a ranking, or a poor string of evaluations have them ranked lower. Groups like the BBB are qualified sources to check a company’s certs and licensures; use them as a resource when verifying your options. Reputable local roofing companies are likely to have positive reviews on the BBB site.

5. They aren’t local. Make sure you confirm their physical address; beware if they provide a P.O. box. Some roofing contractors claim to be local but travel to wherever the demand is (think hurricane damage in Florida, or hailstorm season in Texas.) If something happens to your roof that requires immediate attention, but they’re preoccupied with a non-local job elsewhere, where does that leave you, and your roof? Stick with local roofing companies that can provide a physical address that’s nearby.

6. They’re unprofessional. This primarily pertains to safety. Wearing safety gear, such as soft soled boots, and harnesses, and possibly helmets depending on the work involved, should be the absolute minimum. Ask if they use either ladder stabilizers or standoffs, protective devices that prop up a ladder, so it doesn’t lean directly on a roof’s gutters. If the answer is no, ask how they plan to protect your gutters.

If your local roofing contractors do not appear to prioritize safety precautions, this should be a dealbreaker. Moreover, if customer service, clear communication, and integrity are also lacking, keep looking. In fact, even if you don’t know what to look for in terms of safety equipment, pay attention to their professionalism in terms of how they relate to you and others.

Selecting Local Roofing Companies Takes Time

When selecting local roofing companies, do your homework and stay patient. Commit that extra time and effort, and you’ll be rewarded with the best results for future roofing projects.

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