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Benefits of A Roof Inspection

Everyone should all start thinking of a roofing inspection just like when we need a spring tune up for HVAC, or lawn mowers, or even our cars. The purpose might be to clean up and fix a few things, but more importantly it’s to ensure lasting life of your roof and protection for your home.

We understand that you can take a look at your roof and notice when something is really wrong like missing shingles. However, a roofing inspection goes far beyond just a quick glance at your roof for obvious damage.

If during your roof inspection problems are discovered, then you can make a plan for repair and/or replacement instead of waiting to one day be surprised with much larger problems. Often problems go unnoticed and develop into much larger and costlier issues later on. So, discovering them through roofing inspection services is a proactive approach, giving you peace of mind and a chance to be prepared.

When Should You Get A Roof Inspection?

Obvious times – It probably seems silly to mention these, but we feel sometimes it’s best to be extra clear. If you notice leaks, missing shingles, cracks, bumps, or anything strange, or something has changed like a new stain on your ceiling it is best to get a roof inspection right away. Even if you notice little things like paint peeling on the fascia board below the gutters you should call right away. Almost always, these are signs of underlying bigger problems.

After storms – Its common to see strong storms with heavy drain and high winds in the spring and all summer long. Strong wind, hail, and heavy downpours can cause damage to a roof which should be addressed right away. If you suspect any problems after a storm, the best thing you can do is get a roof inspection.

Additionally, some insurance companies are challenging to work with and unfortunately will try to suggest there is less damage or that it was there previously. A roof inspection can be the proof you need for the insurance company to be held accountable and repair the damage from the storm.

When selling your home/ buying a home – It’s quite common for buyers to have a home inspected during the purchase process, and even some sellers have this done before listing their house for sale. It is important to keep in mind that a home inspector is not the same as a roof inspection.

Home inspectors are not required to get on the roof and walk it. They should go into the attic and look for leaking or any signs of water damage, and other structural issues. But they won’t be on the outside of the roof. Which means it is harder for them to closely check the condition of shingles, backing, holes, cracks, or dents, and chimney/flashing areas. With this in mind, it is best to hire an expert roofing company that provides roofing inspection services.

Annual Inspections – Once your roof reaches a certain age, it might be a good idea to start scheduling annual roof inspections. This is not necessary for a new roof that has been properly installed. But depending on the materials used, it is a good idea later in the life of the roof. Ace Construction & Remodeling expert roofers can give you an idea of when is a good time to start. Routine inspections can reveal problems that may be developing and can be addressed before they cause more damage.

Roofing Inspection Services and What’s Included

Our professional roofing inspection services provide a comprehensive approach to examining your roof. We look for issues in structural stability and support. Weakened structures will be identified by our roof inspectors. Both interior and exterior surfaces are carefully examined for all parts of the roofing system.

Also, the quality of workmanship is reviewed as a good roofing inspector can determine if installation was performed well or not. A poorly installed roof may decrease the effective life of the roof. Similarly, the quality of materials used on your roof may be noted. Combining observations of the roof inspection with the expected life of the materials used can help make an informed decision of whether to repair or replace a roof.

More Specific Details of the Roof Inspection Services

  • Overall condition of the shingles looking for dents, blistering and cracks
  • How well the flashing is attached and sealed (especially around chimneys and skylights)
  • Conditions where water may collect (valleys)
  • Misaligned shingles which can signal an area where they’re loose
  • The state of the fascia and gutters, and drains
  • Streaking or signs of algae on the shingles
  • Attic inspection for leaks, ventilation and insulation

At the conclusion of the inspection you will receive a report detailing the condition of your roof. If problems are found a recommendation for repair or replacement is given. At that point an estimate of the necessary work to be done can be provided along with explanations of benefits, process, and timelines.

Comprehensive Residential & Commercial Roofing Inspections

Ace Construction & Remodeling Roofing Contractor offers comprehensive residential & commercial roofing inspections throughout central and eastern Indiana and the surrounding areas.

When we’ve performed a roofing inspection and you sustain storm damage, we will stand with you if the adjustor doesn’t see the damage as we do!