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Roof Ice Dam Prevention

One way to protect your home from water damage is Roof Ice Dam Prevention. If you get an ice dam on your roof, there are certain steps you'll need to take to get rid of this. An ice dam is a buildup of ice that is on the eaves of a sloped roof. This results from snow melting under a snow pack and then reaching the eave and

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Roof Preparation for Winter Months

Roof preparation for winter months is vital. When the summer weather fades away you’re left with the rain and wind of fall. This in turn leads us into the inevitable winter cold snap. In Indiana temperatures can plummet to as low as -10°F. Ultimately, your home or business needs to be ready for harsh conditions. There are lots of ways to prepare. One way is installing more insulation.

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Finding the Correct Roofing Contractor

Finding the correct roofing contractor is the first step if you need your roof to be inspected, repaired or replaced. However, not every roofing contractor is the same. A roofing contractor ensures that any work on your roof is carried out safely and to professional standards. You need to choose the appropriate contractor for the work that you require. This means you need to carefully consider the roofers

Roofing Scams and Storms: Be Leery

Summer storms are common across the country and can wind up damaging properties. As a homeowner, watch out for scammers approaching you in the summer after storm season has hit. These scammers will take advantage of any destruction that has occurred. Even if you have work that needs to be done, it is important to make sure you screen the right professionals. When you’re trying

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Signs Your Roof Needs Ventilation

There are telltale Signs Your Roof Needs Ventilation. Of all the areas of focus in our homes, our roofs often get the worst deal. This is very much a case of out of sight out of mind. Many assume we can just leave our roofing to get on with things while we focus on other, seemingly more pressing aspects of home care. In reality, neglecting the aspects of roofing

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Check Roof When Buying Home

Check roof when buying home is probably the best and soundest advice we can give you. If you’re looking to buy a new home, it’s a good idea to check the state of the roof. Not only is the roof essential for keeping the elements out, it’s also a significant chunk of the overall value of the home. If the roof isn’t up to scratch, you could end