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Home Improvement Projects to Consider in the Spring

Spring is the perfect time of year to do home improvement projects. It’s typically cooler in the spring than summer. If you have to do without air conditioning for a few hours, it’s usually not a big deal. Additionally, getting your home improvement projects out of the way in spring frees up your summer for enjoying outdoor activities.  

Ace Construction & Remodeling, Inc. can perform many home improvement items on your list, including putting up new siding, making drywall repairs, and completing gutter repairs and installation. Here are a few tips and benefits of making these upgrades to your Indiana home.

Put on New Siding for a Fresh Look This Spring

Spring is a great time to put on new siding. With longer days and cooler temperatures, our siding installation team can often make remarkable time. In warmer temperatures, sealing materials adhere quickly and efficiently.

Quick installations mean that you can install new siding to prepare your home for sale or take advantage of lower electricity, thanks to the thermal efficiency of your new siding. Plus, if you want enhanced curb appeal, few things improve the appearance of your home as effectively as getting rid of a drab exterior. 

To find out more about the benefits of new siding in East Central IN, chat with one of our experienced siding installers

Gutter Repair and Replacement

Here are a few scenarios to guide your decisions regarding gutter repair and replacement:

  • If your gutters have holes, cracks, or rusted spots, we can often repair them with new flashing and sealant. However, if you have rust or damage throughout your gutter system, replacing the whole thing might make more sense.
  • Fasteners and screws secure your gutter to your home. However, they often become loose. In that case, it’s fairly easy to make an affordable fix.
  • Do you have water in your basement? If so, it could signify that your gutter system is not routing water away from your home’s foundation. Replacing or repairing your old system can help prevent surface water buildup and flooding in your basement.

Our team can perform an assessment, provide an estimate, and complete approved work to ensure that your gutters continue protecting your home’s exterior and interior. By directing rainwater away from the roof and into a drainage system, gutters help prevent leakage and structural damage. It’s important to keep them in proper functioning order.

Work with Ace Construction & Remodeling, Inc. for reliable gutter repairs and replacement.

Drywall Damage 

There are several reasons that make sense to repair drywall damage in the spring. Plaster and patches dry and set quickly in the warmer spring weather, making it easy to get the job done in fewer visits. 

Replacing damaged drywall has the following benefits:

  • Makes your walls look like new.
  • Saves time and money versus ripping out and replacing drywall; although we can do that too if you need it!
  • Facilitates application of paint or wallpaper thanks to a more even surface.

What home improvement projects do you want to tackle this spring? From drywall repairs to siding installation to gutter management, you can count on the pros at Ace Construction & Remodeling, Inc. to get the job done! Request an online quote or call us at 765-644-6030 or 765-282-6030 for more ideas on spring home improvement projects in Indiana.