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Interior Projects to Prepare Your Home for Entertaining This Holiday Season – Floors, Molding, Painting

There’s still time to complete interior remodeling projects in time for holiday parties and events. New floors can lay a beautiful foundation for guests and loved ones to enjoy your decorations and celebrate the end of the year. If you’re looking for smaller scale changes that can also create a huge impact, consider upgrading your molding or repainting drab walls to impress your guests and freshen your home’s entire look. 

At Ace Construction & Remodeling, Inc., we handle minor and major home renovations. Let us help you incorporate any or all of these ways to take your East Central Indiana home to the next level this holiday season.

Lay New Flooring and Guests Will Step Into Style

If you have decided to replace your flooring, you may want to do it before the holiday festivities begin. Choose from a variety of luxury vinyl planks and hardwood flooring in your kitchen and bathroom for a timeless, elegant effect. It’s important to work with our experts to make sure that the scheduled installation doesn’t interfere with your entertainment plans.

It can take several days to complete the installation, depending on the materials used and the scale of the renovations. Keep in mind that tiles and hardwoods take longer to install than vinyl tiles and planks. If you would like to plan new flooring along with additional kitchen and bathroom renovations, our experienced craftsmen can help. 

Add Fresh Paint to Renew Your Walls 

Before company comes to celebrate, update your interior with exquisitely painted walls. Consider accent walls that work for formal and informal settings in trending colors such as:

  • Russet
  • Gold
  • Hunter green 
  • Sage green
  • Dusty lilac
  • Deep red

They’ll go great with your holiday decorations without committing you to repainting the entire room. Choosing professional painters ensures flawless application of the required coats of paint, as well as even texture and color whether you choose to update a wall, room, or your entire home.

While your guests will be dressed to impress over the holidays, your professionally painted walls will also spark conversations! Give your family home an updated look you can enjoy throughout the new year.

Molding Adds Beauty and Elegance Perfect for the Holidays

There are numerous benefits of including new molding as part of your holiday preparations. You can choose from endless styles to outline your main living area or entire home. From simple strips to ornate architectural detail, you can find a molding style to fit your personal taste and your home’s unique character.

Here are some key benefits of adding affordable molding to your interior:

  • Creates a finished, sophisticated look
  • Seals the gaps between walls and ceilings
  • Hides imperfections such as drywall joints
  • Adds aesthetic flair

Beautiful molding can help you prepare for holiday entertaining and keep paying dividends in quality-of-life improvements for years to come.

Trust the remodeling team at Ace Construction & Remodeling, Inc. to make essential changes that will get you into the right holiday spirit. Contact us today to discuss your next interior remodeling project.