Kitchen Remodeling for East Central Indiana

Are you thinking about a Kitchen Remodeling project for your cramped or outdated kitchen? Do you find yourself wishing your kitchen had more space, style or storage? As the heart of your home, the condition of your kitchen has a considerable effect on your family’s lifestyle and comfort. If your kitchen is lacking, it can create quite an inconvenience for you and your loved ones. We’ll recreate your kitchen into the open, inviting space that you’ve always dreamed of.

We can make whatever changes you’d like – the only limit is your imagination and budget. kitchen remodelingWhether it’s updating your cabinets, replacing old counter tops, installing new back splash, laying new flooring, adding new storage or creating a more open layout. For example, a lot of East Central Indiana homeowners complain that they have a hard time navigating around a small kitchen, especially when there are children, pets and spouses underfoot. Another common complaint is that there’s very little storage – not nearly enough to hold all the bowls, cups, silverware, pots and pans that a growing family needs.

The good news is that problems like these can easily be solved with the help of kitchen renovations. As a family owned and operated business, at Ace Construction & Remodeling, we’re experts in kitchen remodeling. In business since 1996, we have the skills and experience you need to create the kitchen of your dreams. We’re the right kitchen remodeling contractor for the job.

If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling go hand-in-hand.
These are the two rooms that will “sell” your house so you should definitely consider upgrading them!

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If your kitchen is past its peak and ready for some changes, but you don’t know where to start, here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • New Kitchen Cabinets

    The overall feel of a kitchen is determined in large part by the cabinets. If you’ve had the same cabinets for decades, they’re probably causing your kitchen to appear drab and outdated. By installing new cabinets during kitchen renovations, you can create a whole new personality for your kitchen. It’s easy to go from the 1980s retro to sleek and modern by switching out your stunted old oak cabinets for ceiling-high white ones.

    The style choices don’t stop there. Whatever your preference – whether you like the French country, mid-century modern, farmhouse or the minimalist look – Ace Construction & Remodeling has many beautiful cabinets to match.

    Don’t forget that installing new cabinets during kitchen renovations does more than just upgrade your look. You also have the perfect opportunity to add a lot more storage space. If you want cabinetry that stretches from the floor to the ceiling, built-in shelving or a walk-in pantry, now’s your chance to get all of that wonderful storage space you’ve been dreaming of.

  • New Kitchen Counter Tops

    Another popular kitchen remodeling upgrade is having your counter tops replaced. This is an attractive option for East Central Indiana homeowners for a number of reasons. For starters, counter tops tend to become damaged over time. The kitchen is a messy place; burns, stains, dings and cuts are bound to happen. But the damage is more likely to occur and be permanent when your counter tops are made from cheap material. Maybe it’s time to replace your old counter tops with something new and more durable.

    Perhaps your problem isn’t that the counter tops are in bad condition, but there’s a style issue instead. If you don’t like the groovy black counter tops that were installed when the house was built in the 1960s or the blue counters from the 1980s don’t match your current décor, get a modern kitchen renovation and send those bad boys packing!

  • Paint Color

    One of the easiest ways to freshen up the look of your kitchen is to apply a new coat of paint. It’s amazing what a quick change of color can do for a space. For example, if the previous owner of your East Central Indiana home left you with dark green walls and a rooster wallpaper border but you want something simpler and brighter, then paint is a great way to go!

    With paint, the options are practically limitless – you can find paint in pretty much every color imaginable. Painting is also one of the least expensive kitchen remodeling projects you can undertake, so it’s a definite win-win.

  • Flooring

    When it comes to kitchen flooring, durability is key. The kitchen routinely endures a lot of foot traffic so you’ll need flooring that will last. Just because you need something strong, that doesn’t mean you’re skimping on looks. You can find high-quality kitchen flooring in a variety of materials, such as:

    • Hardwood
    • Natural Stone
    • Ceramic Tile
    • Linoleum
    • Laminate
    • Bamboo
    • And more…
  • Back Splashes

    Backsplashes are awesome if you want to protect the wall between your countertops and cabinets and do it with style. As one of the least expensive kitchen remodeling options, back splashes give you the opportunity to create a pop of personality in your kitchen without breaking the bank.

    There are lots of options to choose from when selecting which back splash to install during your kitchen renovation. You can make a distinct style statement by installing back splash with a unique shape, texture or color. Just ask Ace Construction kitchen remodeling experts to see what options are available.

Upgrade Your Home with Kitchen Remodeling

Is your kitchen currently meeting your family’s needs? Do you find yourself looking around and thinking of all the ways it could be improved?

At Ace Construction & Remodeling, we have helped countless East Central Indiana families transform their outdated kitchens into functional and inviting spaces that perfectly suit their family’s needs. We can serve your needs in Noblesville, Anderson, Fishers, Muncie and many other East Central Indiana communities. We’d love to add your family to our long list of satisfied customers.

If you’re ready for an upgrade and would like to explore your kitchen renovation options, we invite you to call Ace Construction & Remodeling at 877-644-6030. We can also be reached through the contact form on our website. We look forward to discussing your project with you soon!

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