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Roof Repair: 12 Clues to Finding Leaks

Roof Repair for Leaks are an Emergency

Roof repair is just as important if not more so than getting a new roof. But the first point we would like to make is if you already have leaks you might want to call your local roofing company. Why? Because we consider any leak to be an emergency. With that said it is always good to have the knowledge of what to look for in terms of leaks and being able to keep an eye on your roof structure.

Why Would I Need Roof Repair?

There are a number of factors that can cause the need for roof repair. Here are just a few.

  • Storms with high winds and/or hail can cause significant damage. If this happens you may need to install a tarp on your roof until your roof repair company can get there. They could be backed up with multiple storm damaged homes.
  • Extreme heat in the summer can cause issues to develop.
  • Debris from trees, or even limbs hitting or scraping the shingles.
  • Critters that reach your roof from the trees, or even across power lines.
  • Continuous neglect of your roof.
  • As your roof ages, more issues arise.
  • And of course, previously unresolved damage.

Cost of Roofing Repairs (do it yourself?)

There are a great many factors involved in the pricing of roof repairs. These include the type of roof, the amount of repair work to be done including the extent of the water damage. As well skylights can add to the cost if they are directly involved in the leak or area of damage.

You may consider trying to repair your roof yourself to save money. But unless you have the expertise of a professional roofer, or it just happens to be a simple and little fix, you definitely want to call your local roofing company. There is just no substitute for their knowledge and craftsmanship when it comes to roofing repairs.

12 Clues to Finding Leaks

Water stains extending  across ceilings, or running down walls is a clear sign of a roof leak.

  1. Note: it is possible to have a water stain in one spot only (especially if that is a low spot on the ceiling. You could have a leak in a corner, valley, or by a chimney, but the water stain on your ceiling is in the middle of your house – not anywhere near the chimney or other items. Water can travel a long way, and it may work itself to the lowest spot in your ceiling before penetrating down through the drywall.).
  2. Often you should look uphill on the roof and to the right or left of the stains for finding potential causes for leaks.
  3. Also if your ceiling has a plastic vapor barrier it may hold water until it runs to another low spot where it can get through.
  4. Look for roof penetrations – water leaks are often found around these items: plumbing, roof vents, chimneys, dormers, or anything else that sticks up from the roof.
  5. Frosty Nails protruding through the roof decking (that missed the framing). In the winter time if you see nails in the attic with frost on them it could mean you have a small leak either at the nail itself, or possibly higher up.
  6. For hard to find leaks some people recommend using a garden hose to test spots. This can be an effective technique but you also could cause a significant amount of damage. Our recommendation is that you call your local roof repair company like Ace Construction & Remodeling.
  7. Inspect for Torn rubber around roof plumbing.
  8. Be aware of cracked housing on plastic roof vents, or broken seams on metal roof vents.
  9. Down near the bottom of the dormers check for missing siding, or rotting siding as this is a great place for water to penetrate and work it’s way below your shingles.
  10. Look for cracked caulk around dormer windows. Again, water can seep through and work it’s way down behind the siding and underneath your shingles.
  11. Watch out for poor flashing. Flashing that is missing, or has pulled away from the surface it was mounted to will certainly cause problems. It might be loose flashing, rusted flashing, or even just flashing that is no longer sealed properly. This is common around chimneys.
  12. Look closely for tiny holes in shingles. These can be easy to miss or you might see them and think that it is not leaking. But it can be a slow deterioration problem and can cause damage for years before you realize what is happening.

Beware of Poor Work on Roof Repairs

It is important to note that you shouldn’t depend on caulking for your repairs of holes and many roof repairs – at least not for the long term. It is common for homeowners to try to fix their own leaks. We see many of them have used regular caulk, or bathroom caulk to seal up holes of joints. It just won’t get the job done and will give you a false sense of security.

It is best to call your local roofing repair company, Ace Construction & Remodeling. Our expert roof repair contractors know what professional means when it comes to quality and a job done the right way!