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Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior with A Front Porch Remodel

Is your front porch killing your home’s curb appeal? It may be time to prioritize your exterior living space with a front porch remodel. Popular materials for front porches include concrete (the favorite) and treated wood. However, composite mixtures of wood and plastic are also gaining a foothold. And, you don’t have to rebuild your porch to make a dramatic difference. Stone accents, a new door, and fresh paint can do wonders when it comes to refreshing your outdoor living space. Whatever style you decide on, the pros at Ace Construction & Remodeling, Inc. have you covered.

Brighten Up the Space with Fresh Paint

If your old paint is peeling and faded, or you would like to add more pizzazz to your porch, try a colorful hue that won’t clash with your home’s exterior. Bright red, blue, and yellow draw in the eye and make your porch stand out. You can also use bright paint to create accents and choose white, beige, gray, and other earthy tones as base colors. Lighter colors can make your porch feel larger and more inviting. 

Hire our pros to remove peeling, damaged paint, pressure wash your porch, and give it a lovely coat of fresh paint or stain. 

A New Door Can Elevate the Look of Your Entire Porch

Consider adding a new door that will improve security and give your home a nice, new look. Whether you choose a door that already comes in your favorite color or decide to paint it later, a new door automatically updates your favorite outdoor space. Pair it with new furniture arranged symmetrically on either side of the door and cheerful accents that boost your curb appeal. 

Lap Siding Lends Your Porch a Finished Look

Lap siding features horizontal planks that overlap each other. You may already have this siding on your home. If so, it would make a great addition to your porch and help create a harmonious look. Pair it with wood patio furniture and antique plant containers for a homey, livable space.

New Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts play a vital role in protecting your house. However, many homeowners neglect to put gutters and downspouts on their porches. New gutters and downspouts installed by competent professionals, not only keep your porch roof in great condition, but they also add an updated, clean feature to your exterior. 

Create a New Porch from a Stoop or Entryway

Ace Construction & Remodeling also handles home editions. While this normally means putting on a new bedroom or laundry room, we can also turn your entryway facade into a spacious front porch. This will increase the square footage of living space and value of your home as well as beautify your home’s entrance, the first place visitors and potential buyers look.

Stone Accents

Are you ready to revamp your front porch with the beauty and endurance of natural stone. Here are just some of the ways natural stone can elevate your porch and front yard:

  • Stone patios
  • Walkways
  • Stone stairs
  • Stone façade on porch 
  • Custom outdoor seating

Spruce up your home’s exterior with a front porch remodel with help from the experienced craftsmen at Ace Construction & Remodeling, Inc. Contact us today for a free consultation to plan your new outdoor space.