To Repair or Replace Roof – the Big Question


To Repair or Replace Roof – the Big Question The number of years a roof may last depends on material and weather and can vary greatly as conditions change. So, if you're wondering: "repair or replace roof?" then there are several things to consider. Weather can impact

To Repair or Replace Roof – the Big Question2021-03-24T11:49:16-04:00

Roof Leak Repair: Tips 101


A leaky roof may seem like a minor annoyance - but if left unaddressed, it could turn into a much bigger problem later. When conducting a roof leak repair properly, however, minor issues can be kept from worsening roof damage - and more expensive repairs. Warning: These tips refer to

Roof Leak Repair: Tips 1012020-11-17T11:19:27-05:00

Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips


Summertime is supposed to be for fun outdoor activities. It’s for golfing, family vacations, swimming pools, and yes perhaps even an outdoor house project. But let’s not forget about your roof, needed inspections and regular roofing maintenance. It may not sound like fun, but it’s really not that bad, and definitely a necessity.

Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips2020-07-07T09:25:13-04:00

Flat Roof Issues: Materials Used to Fix


Flat Roof Issues Inconvenient and Costly for Property Owners Whether your business or your home has a flat roof, the problems they cause can be frustrating. A flat roof is cost-effective to build. Therefore, it's often chosen for new construction that has a tight budget. It can also be a

Flat Roof Issues: Materials Used to Fix2020-03-18T12:33:16-04:00
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