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Rain, Sleet or Snow: Weather-Proofing Your Roof


A functioning roof installed by expert roofing is one of those quiet reassurances that we rely on every day - rarely do we tend to notice it at all, at least until something goes wrong. And to keep such issues at bay, this requires some planning ahead.  Part of guaranteeing a long-lasting roof

Rain, Sleet or Snow: Weather-Proofing Your Roof2020-11-04T16:43:10-05:00

How to Get a New Roof from Insurance


Will your homeowner’s insurance cover a roof replacement? Even if you’ve thoroughly reviewed your policy, it can be unclear whether it will cover certain damages to your roof. Determining how to get a new roof from insurance can be difficult to explain. There can be so many exceptions and stipulations that vary from

How to Get a New Roof from Insurance2020-10-12T21:03:38-04:00

Roof Repair: 12 Clues to Finding Leaks


Roof Repair for Leaks are an Emergency Roof repair is just as important if not more so than getting a new roof. But the first point we would like to make is if you already have leaks you might want to call your local roofing company. Why? Because we consider

Roof Repair: 12 Clues to Finding Leaks2020-09-03T18:55:26-04:00

Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips


Summertime is supposed to be for fun outdoor activities. It’s for golfing, family vacations, swimming pools, and yes perhaps even an outdoor house project. But let’s not forget about your roof, needed inspections and regular roofing maintenance. It may not sound like fun, but it’s really not that bad, and definitely a necessity.

Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips2020-07-07T09:25:13-04:00

Roofing Scams and Storms: Be Leery


Summer storms are common across the country and can wind up damaging properties. As a homeowner, watch out for scammers approaching you in the summer after storm season has hit. These scammers will take advantage of any destruction that has occurred. Even if you have work that needs to be done, it is important

Roofing Scams and Storms: Be Leery2019-08-13T14:26:29-04:00
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