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The ACE Inspection Checklist Before Installing Your New Roof

If you suspect a major roofing issue, we recommend a roofing inspection to gauge the extent of the damage. An inspection will also give you the information you need to set a budget and prepare for a roof replacement project, if needed. You rely on your roof to keep your home, belongings, and family safe and dry. Naturally, the thought of installing a new roof may seem daunting. However, choosing an experienced roofing contractor, such as ACE Construction & Remodeling, with a reputation for integrity and quality workmanship can restore your peace of mind. 

Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

What are some of the signs you need a new roof? Here are different components our inspectors consider when evaluating the shape of your roof.

  • Your attic’s ventilation: Is your attic properly ventilated? We’ll look for signs of insufficient airflow since hot and cold air trapped in the space can lead to roof deterioration. Our team can repair your ventilation or replace it with newer, more effective ventilation.
  • Interior water stains: Water stains on your ceiling usually mean a roof leak. Our knowledgeable team can find the source of the leak and document the extent of the damage. Larger leaks could mean your roof has extensive damage, possibly requiring replacement. 
  • Roofing layers and decking: If your roof has several layers, it can complicate repairs. In many cases, damage affects multiple layers. Whether you need a new roof depends on how serious the damage is and the condition of your roof decking (usually plywood). Our roofing pros will test the surface, noting any spongy areas. We also check for missing shingles and loose or missing nails.
  • Your roof vents: During an inspection, your soffit, gable, or ridge vents require attention. Additionally, our team will look for obstructions that can prevent proper airflow.
  • Roof shingles: Loose, blistered, or cracked shingles signal a deteriorating roof. Unfortunately, failing to make timely shingle replacement can lead to a shorter lifespan for your roof. Loose or improperly driven nails can create bumps that allow moisture to enter your home. Too many of these symptoms may indicate it’s time to replace your roof. 
  • Penetrations and flashing: Roof pipes have neoprene boots to prevent leaks. If they crack, it can cause leaks to form. During the inspection, we’ll check all penetrations for defects and leakage. 
  • Chimney and flashing: The chimney, if you have one, is the largest opening in your roof. Checking the mortar and flashing surrounding it is an essential part of any roof inspection. This area is particularly prone to leaks. ACE Construction & Remodeling professionals, diagnose and repair minor problems. If you need a new roof, we’ll provide you with estimates covering all your options. Our team will also check for damaged or missing flashing wherever shingles meet other materials or penetrations.

If you need new gutters and downspouts, our team will handle that as part of roof installation.

ACE Construction & Remodeling, Inc. has prepared this checklist to help you get ready for a new roof installation. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and take care of your roof repairs or replacement.