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Tips for Choosing Metal Roof Colors

So, you’ve decided on metal roof installation for your home. You’ve weighed the costs and benefits and decide that the higher cost is worth it for a strong, stable roof. Now the fun part begins – selecting from the best among metal roof colors for your house! It’s an enjoyable step in the renovation process: there is virtually every color imaginable available, including custom options. Even opting for bare metal can create a gorgeous look for your home.

It may seem like a frivolous step but choosing metal roof colors is an important step. It’s a decision that will greatly impact both the function of your roof and the look and feel of your home. Depending on which metal roof color you choose, there may be some prep work required to help the color last. For example, that bright red roofing color that you loved could, over time, fade into an unsightly rust from extensive sun exposure – not exactly what you had in mind for your dream home.

Therefore, selecting metal roof colors requires a bit of planning and preparation. Read on for more tips and advice for the best process, and a result of a roof color you love.

Metal Roof Color Prep Work

Among the factors that influence how much maintenance a roof will need, exposure to the elements is tantamount. Adverse weather informs everything, from the best material and shingle shape to how to install them. This also includes what choosing your metal roof colors!

A bright or statement roof, for instance, will greatly impact the overall look of your home. But with too much sun exposure and not enough protective treatment, that vibrant color will fade over time. Is your house under relentless sun exposure? It’s best to pick a lighter color. For any fading that does happen, it will be far less noticeable on a pale yellow than it will on navy blue. Homes shaded by trees, by comparison, will fare much better.

However, if you paint it and seal it, a metal roof protected from sun, moisture, and mildew will last longer. Some metal roof shingles must be treated with an acrylic resin made to block ultraviolet light. The harshness of UV rays breaks down chemical bonds, causing color to fade in an object. (Think of your favorite chaise left too long in front of your sunniest window, or a piece of paper that yellows in the dashboard of your car.) But a protective paint coating will lessen the impact and preserve the color of your shingles.

Of course, choosing a metal roof installation should mean that you don’t need to paint and seal it as mentioned above. Some metal roof materials come with the color already baked into the metal. It all depends on the product chosen and its quality and design. Your best option is to contact an experienced roofing company, like Ace Construction & Remodeling, who has dealt with these materials and can give you the best recommendations.

Consider design  – All things considered; metal roof colors will last a long time. Select a color suitable with the surrounding externals of your house: siding, windows, shutters, gutters and downspouts, doors, nearby sheds or barns, and landscaping.

Of course, you can paint it – but if your vision is a contemporary aesthetic, have you considered leaving the metal bare? There are several metals to consider, all in their own unique tones with no coating. Consider the exotic look of a glistening copper roof, a strong stainless-steel roof, or a futuresque titanium roof. These, too, can make a beautiful statement and aesthetically serve as metal roof colors themselves.

Love the benefits of a metal roof, but longing for the visual appeal of wood? Know that many paints can also shift the textural appearance of metal, making it appear completely different from the curb (think: wood, stone, or Spanish tile.)

Like a good neighbor  – Is your home spaced closely together with those of your neighbors? Opt for a roof that flows with the other houses. No one wants to be the neighborhood eyesore!

Light vs Dark Metal Roof Colors – A subset of your design decisions includes lighter versus darker colors. Lighter colors give the impression that something is larger, while darker colors make objects appear smaller. Of course, dark colors have their advantages and appeal also. Perhaps darker metal roof colors provide the contrast you need with your house colors to really make it pop. You may already grasp the concept in other ways – dark jeans appear more slimming, a white SUV seems larger than a black one, and so on.

The same optical trickery applies to roofing. A home with a lighter color roof will make the whole thing appear larger, a favorable option for houses with lower roofs, or a “shallow pitch.” A darker color roof, on the other hand, can downplay an overwhelmingly large roof. And the amount and angle of light on your roof can make a difference too. For these reasons, sampling a few colors you like at different times of day is a good idea.

Sealing the deal – In addition to a protective coat of paint, supplementary coatings and sealants can reinforce defense against sunlight and other harsh elements, protecting both the paint color and the metal shingle itself.

When selecting a paint (or when talking to your roofing contractor), check the paint label for “EnergyStar”, “CoolRoofs”, or “Kynar500,” the current industry standard with a 30-year warranty. Kynar500 paints are advertised to protect “against weathering, aging and pollution”. Industry-standard paints will typically include energy-efficient qualities – even for the darker colors that tend to pull more heat.

Final Thoughts on Metal Roof Colors

Picking out your next metal roof color can be a fun process, but an important one, nevertheless. Take your time selecting a type of metal, and which metal roof colors will work best for your situation.

Because metal is prone to fading, choosing a lighter color is recommended for a more gradual shading shift. And while metal roofs are famously durable and long-lasting, you’ll want to ensure they’re painted with industry-standard paint products and a good sealant to withstand the elements.

But keep in mind that various manufacturers us different processes for coloring the metal. And some may last longer than others, perhaps never even needing painting or sealing.

The best thing to do is invite Ace Construction & Remodeling roofing company to your home to help you plan the best solution. They work with MacRoofing Supply to provide you with the best variety and quality of product for your home.