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Windows & Doors for Enhanced Efficiency During an Energy Crisis

Energy efficient doors and windows immediately increase the thermal reflection capability of your home. By better insulating your house, efficient doors and windows can help lower your energy costs and make your home earth friendly.

Ace Construction & Remodeling, Inc. performs numerous services that can help you create a more energy efficient home. From installing new doors and windows to using eco-friendly roofing and siding materials, we encourage our customers in Eastern Central Indiana to embrace greener construction techniques. There are also numerous benefits of choosing energy efficient doors and windows.

Top Advantages of Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

According to, there are many benefits of installing better doors and windows in your home, including the following:

  • Less Damage. Doors and windows that block the sun’s UV rays have a special coating that can protect pictures, furniture, rugs, and wood floors from fading and sun damage.
  • Soundproofing. Energy efficient windows and doors can also block out exterior sound such as traffic and noisy neighbors. 
  • Reduced Maintenance. When you invest in more efficient windows and doors, you may notice a significant reduction in condensation. In turn, this can help reduce the level of mold and other allergens that build up in the air inside your home.
  • Increased Property Value. You can potentially increase the equity in your home by raising its market value with home improvements such as energy efficient windows and doors.

How Do I Choose the Best Energy Efficient Doors and Windows?

It’s important to pick out the right windows and doors for your home if you want to get the best return on your investment.

Window Selection Tips

Here are a few tips for picking out energy efficient windows for your home:

  • Look for the ENERGY STAR or NFRC labels.
  • Gas-filled windows have low-e coatings, reducing the amount of heat loss in winter and cool air loss in summer.
  • Choose a low U-factor for windows with low non-solar heat transfer. Additionally, low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) translates to less heat gain in hotter weather.

Door Selection Tips 

Keep the following tips in mind when choosing a new door for your home in Indiana:

  • Choose the right materials. Steel or fiberglass doors provide the best energy efficiency for our climate. 
    • Steel doors look classy, and they are also durable. They can bump up your home’s value. 
    • Fiberglass doors have a dense center core that makes them energy efficient. Made of polyurethane foam, the inner core improves the security and performance of your door by adding an extra layer of insulation.
  • Work with the right contractor to ensure proper installation. Our installers make sure that the door fits properly in the frame. Many doors come pre-hung, simplifying installation. However, you need a meticulous and skilled installer to make sure that there is a tight seal.
  • Ask the experts. With many years of construction and home improvement under our belts, the pros at Ace Construction & Remodeling, Inc. can provide guidance on the makes and models of today’s top energy efficient doors and windows. 

In an energy crisis, inflation and economic turmoil can make heating and cooling your home expensive. At Ace Construction & Remodeling, Inc., we can provide a free online quote for energy efficient doors and windows. Call us at 765-644-6030 or 765-282-6030 for more information on any of our home improvement services.