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Flat Roof Issues

Inconvenient and Costly for Property Owners

Whether your business or your home has a flat roof, the problems they cause can be frustrating. A flat roof is cost-effective to build. Therefore, it’s often chosen for new construction that has a tight budget. It can also be a purposeful choice for people who want to use the roof for something such as a roof terrace.

A flat roof is not completely flat. It has a slight slope to allow water to run off. However, it can still present problems that a more sloped roof might not have. When you have flat roof issues, there are various materials that can be used to fix them. This can help you to overcome many of the typical problems with a flat roof.

  • Common Flat Roof IssuesFlat roofs can present a range of problems especially if they are not properly maintained. Rainwater outlets becoming blocked is one of the issues that can occur with many properties. As a result, this leads to improper drainage.  To compound the problem, this can cause water damage to both the exterior and interior of the property.When water doesn’t drain properly, you can end up with pools of water on your roof. You might see moss, lichen and other vegetation. Additionally,  you can see cracks or stretching at the joints and corners. Having flat roofs regularly inspected is important. The good news is you can make some improvements to help prevent damage.
  • Materials Used to Fix Flat RoofsInstalling a covering for your roof helps to protect it and extend its longevity. At Ace Construction, we have a few different materials we typically use to improve your flat roof. These materials will help prevent some common problems that occur with flat roofs. We tend to use EPDM and TPO membranes with most of the flat roofs that we work with.  EPDM is a rubber roofing material; TPO is thermoplastic.
    • EPDM membranes are very durable and will last a long time. They are a very cost-effective option and they’re easy to install.
    • ATPO membrane is another durable solution. It’s easily welded with heat and offers great protection.

We also have some other solutions that we might use. On pitches 3/12 or more, we can use ice and water shield and then install shingles to fix issues with a flat roof.

Why Choose Ace Construction for Flat Roof Issues

Ace Construction has many years of experience and strong skills in repairing flat roofing for businesses. We also have plenty of experience with residential properties. Therefore, we can help both business and home owners if you’re having problems with your flat roof. We always find the right solution to help weatherproof your roof and extend its lifespan.

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Our roofing team can fix your flat roof issues, save you money and protect your property. Reach out to Ace Construction today to find out how we can help you and to get a quote. Give us a call at 877-644-6030, email us at or complete our contact form.