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Other Things to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

Perhaps you’ve put off roof repairs for years. Maybe you’ve even gone so far as to shop around for estimates, only to be told that you also need new gutters or new plywood to support your roofing material and keep your home dry. If all this sounds like you, isn’t it time to find a roofing contractor that can handle all the work at a reasonable price?

Scheduling multiple projects with ACE Construction & Remodeling, Inc. may cost more upfront, but you’ll also realize savings, because we’re already there to do the job anyway. Reach out to our experienced roofers for a free inspection and a combined estimate that won’t cause you to blow your roof. 

Other Projects to Nail Down When You Redo the Roof

From new plywood to a modern gutter and downspout system, there are many ways to help ensure that your new roof lasts for many years. Here are some ideas to discuss with your roofing consultant to get the most out of your roof replacement:

  • New Plywood: The days of laying new shingles or metal roofing over damaged plywood are long gone. At least they should be! If you lay new tiles or shingles over damaged plywood, all the irregularities and problems will eventually strike your new roof. We recommend a thorough inspection and replacement of any damaged plywood. For best results, include complete plywood replacement with your roofing replacement.
  • Gutters and Downspouts:Indiana sees a lot of rain and snow. When the rain falls or the snow melts, you’ll be happy that you budgeted for gutters and downspouts that efficiently remove water from the roof. Gutters prevent moisture-related problems such as mold, mildew, leaks and structural damage. Downspouts move water away from your foundation to further protect your home.
  • Additional Ventilation: By adding suitable ventilation, you can maintain appropriate temperatures in your attic and keep the inside of your roof dry. You’ll also save money on your monthly utility bills if you currently have static heat buildup or poor insulation in your attic. Here are just a few of the many options to choose from:
    • Ridge vents are placed along the peak of the roof and are nearly unnoticeable. They work best with soffits placed at even intervals along the eaves.
    • Turbines, powered by wind, are another option for getting more air into your attic to protect your roof from excessive moisture. 
    • Powered vents: These vents use solar or electric power to turn a fan that circulates air throughout the attic. Some models include thermostats and hydrostats for more precise temperature and humidity control.
  • Attic Fans: When you install an attic fan, you improve the ventilation of warm air that accumulates in the attic. These fans also pull in cooler outside air. They can lower your energy usage when you run them after sunset or when temperatures outside are 70 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

A new roof goes a long way towards improving energy efficiency and protecting the structural integrity of your home. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t fully inform you of all the ways you can make your roofing system as efficient as possible. 

If you have any specific questions about these services or other ideas you’ve heard or read about, don’t hesitate to bring them up when we stop by for a consultation.

Remember to choose a reliable, proven contractor, such as ACE Construction & Remodeling, Inc., for all your roofing needs. Contact us today for a free consultation or to schedule all your roofing projects.