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Roof Preparation for Winter Months

Roof preparation for winter months is vital. When the summer weather fades away you’re left with the rain and wind of fall. This in turn leads us into the inevitable winter cold snap. In Indiana temperatures can plummet to as low as -10°F. Ultimately, your home or business needs to be ready for harsh conditions.

There are lots of ways to prepare. One way is installing more insulation. Another one is reinforcing your windows, doors and entryways. However, none of it will make a difference if your roof is faulty and in need of repair.

The hot air will escape through the ceiling. The snow and water will come into your attic and cause lasting damage. Leaks lead to dampness, which in turn rots materials and encourages mold to grow.

To be fully prepared, you need to check your roof before the bad weather sets in and turns you into an icicle. Here are our expert tips that make the process quick, easy and hassle-free.

Tips for Roof Preparation for Winter Months

  • Spray It With WaterScaling the height of your home isn’t a job for an amateur. If you want a bird’s eye view of your slates, a roofing contractor with the proper equipment is a must. So, the best option for DIYers is to stay grounded and use their peepers.Spraying the roof with your hose pipe will alert you to any cracks or gaps as the water will seep into the house. As you blast the roof, get somebody to go into the rooms directly underneath and watch for leakages. If there isn’t one, you might not need a repair service.It’s always a savvy move to check if the roof is broken before hiring a professional roofing contractor.
  • Schedule an InspectionOf course, you can’t be sure whether there are flaws by squirting your roof with water. It’s a great tip but it’s only a start. To ensure nothing is wrong with the whole of the roof you should schedule an inspection.With a licensed expert you’ll know if there are any problems or potential issues that winter will exacerbate. Why? It’s because they will walk the entire surface area and look out for the warning signs. Here at Ace Construction, our roofing contractor specialists check for open or loose seams, failed sealants and membranes with holes.There is more to a damaged roof than faulty slates or tiles.
  • Clear the ClutterThe exterior of your home takes a battering all year round. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize it needs tender loving care. Without it you risk water damage and letting the elements into your home.Branches, leaves and trash gather on roofs and causes lasting damage as they sneak through the cracks. As a result, a twig can puncture a hole in the roof’s insulation or membrane. This will cause it to spring a leak. Don’t take the risk. Immediately clear any clutter that builds up. That goes for the gutters too.Rainwater and water from melting snow need a place to go. If it doesn’t, it will clog your gutters and the weight will force them to snap. When this happens, H2O runs down the side of the roof and the home’s exterior into your kitchen or conservatory.
  • Check Surrounding AreasThis is particularly important for businesses. Commercial premises are often surrounded by other companies or natural blockages that can cause significant problems. Therefore, you should analyze how they might impact your roof. For example, rain can leak in through a neighbor’s roof and make its way into your premises. If you spot a wet patch, ask them if they have a problem and how they are going to fix it.Trees are also worth considering. Overhanging branches collect considerable amounts of snow in the winter and it could land on your roof. For problematic trees, you can either fell them or cut back the branches so they don’t affect your property.
  • Create a PlanThe best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Even if you’ve done all the necessary maintenance and preparation, an unforeseen circumstance can occur at any time. The key is to have a plan to fix it immediately.Here at Ace Construction, we respond to emergencies to ensure you don’t have to live in inhospitable conditions. Our prices are affordable, too, so there’s no need to break the bank.A Tip: Check if the roof is still under warranty. Then the manufacturer will pick up the check. Also, insurance may be on option for roof repairs as well. At Ace Construction we can also work with your insurance agent!

At Ace Construction & Remodeling, we are a roofing contractor that takes your problems seriously. That’s why we’ll help you with everything from roofing issues to siding and guttering installation. 

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