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Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips

Summertime is supposed to be for fun outdoor activities. It’s for golfing, family vacations, swimming pools, and yes perhaps even an outdoor house project. But let’s not forget about your roof, needed inspections and regular roofing maintenance. It may not sound like fun, but it’s really not that bad, and definitely a necessity.

What you may not realize is that in the summertime there can be some real challenges to your roof and gutter systems. Higher temperatures certainly age and effect certain materials more than others. And let’s not forget about those summer thunderstorms that produce lots of rain and of course high winds.

Following these summer roofing maintenance tips will allow you to have more “fun in the sun” in the long run. If you aren’t up for it, you can always call your local roofing company, Ace Construction & Remodeling to help you with any of your needs. But even with that, it is still a good idea for you to keep an eye on your roof and gutters and keep your gutters clean.

So, what do we mean by roofing maintenance? Well, it’s really not as bad as you might think. We are suggesting that you tackle minor things, and easy tasks you can do from the ground. The exception would be cleaning gutters but be sure you take every safety precaution when climbing a ladder even if it is just to reach the gutter. Some of these tasks are things you might not have thought of, and other are just looking for warning signs.

Tip #1 Roofing Maintenance: Shingle Inspection

You can inspect your roof by simply walking around the perimeter of your house. What are you looking for? Maintaining a good roof is partly just observing the roof tiles or shingles for problems.

Starting with the most obvious problem is any kind of buildup of debris on your roof. This sometimes happens in the valleys of the roof where leaves and branches and such can accumulate. It is important to remove the buildup, not letting it stay there for long periods of time.

Other things to look for in your roofing maintenance inspection that are easy to identify are the growth of moss of other fungi (funguses). If you see this accumulating on your roof it might be time to call a roofing professional and get their opinion on the next course of action.

And finally, you should be observing the condition of your shingles. If you see shingles with dents in them, or cracked shingles, or even holes in them then it is time to take action. You should also be looking for missing shingles and any sort of shingle lift.

Beyond that, a simple eye inspection looking for anything irregular is helpful. Again, if you don’t feel up to the task, your Ace Construction roofing maintenance experts will handle everything for you. You will be in good hands.

Tip #2 Roofing Maintenance: Flashing Inspection

Flashing (metal) materials are usually used at joints on the roof with an object. Flashing can be found around vents, skylights, around chimneys, and virtually anything that projects out of or on top of the roof.

In addition, valleys where roofing angles come together creating a place for water to accumulate and drain should include flashing. Often you can’t see this flashing from the ground if the shingles overlap each other in the valley. But you can look for a buildup of debris in the valleys and/or deterioration of the shingles in these spots.

Tip #3 Gutter Systems Inspection

It may not seem like gutters would be a part of the roofing maintenance plan, but they are a part of your roofing system. So, maintaining your gutter system is a part of maintaining your roof. In fact, your gutters may require more regular attention than your roof ever will if they are in a place where debris accumulates.

One of the most obvious things to check for in your gutter system is the downspouts directed so that water runs away from the home. And if not, this is a fairly easy fix in most cases.

The rest of the gutter maintenance that has more impact on your roof, preventing damage is most likely done on a ladder. Again, if you don’t feel comfortable climbing ladders to maintain your gutters it is best left to the professionals.

Here’s what you should be looking to identify and fix. Check the angle of the gutters to make sure the water runs toward the downspouts. If the angle isn’t correct, the gutter could be sagging. So then check to see if the gutter is secure to the fascia board. This might require simply pounding in some loose spikes into the fascia board, but there are a variety of ways to secure the gutter that might be a little more work than you bargained for.

Storms can loosen gutters as well as excess water, in particular if the water begins to rot the fascia board, or even roof decking. So, part of your gutter inspection should include looking for rotted wood.

Also, it is important to examine the gutters at the bottom of the valleys. Watch it during a rainstorm and see if water is spilling over the gutter at or near the valley locations. In some cases, a rainwater diverter (gutter guards, splash guards) may need to be installed.

Tip #4 Gutter Cleaning

If gutters are not regularly cleaned water can back up over the edge and cause rotting of fascia boards and roof decking boards. If left unattended, the water damage can even spread to roof rafters. This can significantly increase your repair costs, so it’s best to keep the gutters clean.

Check your gutters for the accumulation of debris. Leaves, twigs, dirt, etc. all build up and can obstruct the flow of water. It is amazing how much can build up and how quickly it happens. Remove the debris regularly.

If you see small plants growing over the top of your gutters, you are long overdue for a cleaning, and you might want to think about getting some regular help!

Testing the gutters after cleaning is the next step. Run some water into your gutters using a garden hose. Run it in various places and observe the water path. Check for leaks and standing water, or even water running over the side. These will be clues that you have more issues to address.

DIY Roof Maintenance and Inspection

Can you do this yourself? You certainly can, especially the gutter cleaning tasks. However, sometimes spotting roof problems is better left to the trained professionals at Ace Construction & Remodeling. This is especially true if someone needs to climb up on your roof to get a closer look at things.

With proper care and attention to your roof and gutters your whole system will last much longer. And if a small issue arises you can call Ace Construction and have them come handle the repairs (roofs, gutters, flashing, skylights, etc.) before they turn into a much bigger and more costly problem later on.

If you need roofing repairs or you want to look into having a new roof installed call the expert roofing company at Ace Construction & Remodeling! We provide the best service to our customers in east-central Indiana.

You can request a quote or give us a call: 765-644-6030.