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The Impact of Climate Change on Roofing

The severity of high windstorms has increased in recent years, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The Institute points out that roofs are especially prone to wind and hail damage due to the changing climate. You can protect your roof by hiring experienced professionals to install, repair, or replace your roof in East Central Indiana. 

Learn how severe weather affects your roof and the benefits of recent improvements in the roofing industry. At ACE Construction & Remodeling, Inc., we can repair significant storm damage with ease and strengthen your roof with quality materials and solid construction techniques. 

How Severe Weather Affects Your Roof

Climate change has already made a significant impact on the roofing industry. Changing weather conditions could mean more frequent, severe storms and natural disasters. Therefore, it is more important than ever to develop innovative roofing solutions that stand up to heavy wind and rain.

Many manufacturers are developing new products to protect homes and businesses from severe weather. The industry’s innovations that may help home and business owners in Indiana include the following:

  • New roofing membranes
  • Efficient, reflective roof coatings
  • Improved insulation materials 

These solutions will have higher energy efficiency and counter the impact of extreme weather. At ACE Construction & Remodeling, Inc., we’re working hard to stay on top of changes in the industry so that we can offer you more sustainable, resilient roofing options to safeguard your home, family, and belongings.

Changes in the Roofing Industry that Can Counter Climate Change

The importance of climate change-driven innovation cannot be underestimated. Energy-saving roofs and sustainable materials are the key to keeping residential and commercial roofs in place. New materials use reflectivity to reduce heat gain and durable severe weather products increase the useful life of your roof, even in severe weather conditions.

Other changes impacting residential and commercial roofing include the following:

  • Modified bitumen membranes and elastomeric coatings that reflect the sun’s rays
  • Innovations in asphaltic primers, sealants, and cement designed to endure extreme weather
  • Adhesive products that keep shingles in place — even in hurricane-force winds
  • Cutting-edge technology to address weather changes
  • Building better models to predict seasonal extremes
  • Adoption of eco-friendly tools and environmentally friendly roof measurement and estimating software

Ultimately, vigilance is your primary defense against severe roof damage. Follow this checklist before starting your new roof installation and reach out to our team with your climate change questions and concerns.

ACE Construction & Remodeling, Inc. specializes in roofing inspections, repairs, and replacement. Contact us today to learn how recent technology and advanced materials make this the perfect time to move ahead with your roofing projects.